Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Teacher Who Changed My Life

1. What is the story about? Whate are the main events in the story, and how are they realted to each other? Nicholas Gage related by pupils of the Miss Hurd. She was his motivation to become writer. 2. Are the main events of the story arranged chronologically, or are they arranged in another way? It follow by time as his life goes. 3. How is the story narrated? are flashbacks, summaries, stories within the story used? yes. he talking about his pass about his homeland. 4. Is the plot fast-paces or slow paced? slow paced. 5. How do the thoughts, behaviors, and action of characters move the plot forward?\ Miss Hurd encourage gage to become writer and so Gage become one because she was his motivation. 6. What are the comflicts in the plot? are they physical, intellectual, moral or emotional? Are they resolved? how are they resolved? Is the main conflict between good and evil sharply differentiated? is it fairly achieved There's no conflict at all. They story keep on rolling on the great path and he became successful. Because of his mom. 7. What is the climax of the story and at what point in the story does the climax occur It's when his life become successful. graduated, and when his book became famous. 8. Does the plot have unity? are all the eppisode releveant to the total meaning or effect of the story? Does each incident grow logically out of the preceding incident and lead naturally to the next? Yes. there's a lot of things in it. graduated, motivation, book publishing, and about his family. 9. What use does the story make of chance and coincidence? are these occurences used to initiate, to complicate, or to resolve the story? how inprobable are they? to resolve story just an easy tasks. only motivation leads to everything.

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