Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The teacher who change my life

Point of view

1. What point of view does the story use? Is the story told from a first-person perspective, in which the narrator is one of character in the story. and refers to himself or herself as I? ir is the story told from third person perspective, in which the narrator is not of the character in the story or may not participate in the event of the story?

This story was told with first person. he refers himself as he in story.

2. What are the advantage of the chosen point of view? Does it furnish any clue as to the purpose of the story?

Yes, it help you understand more and have feeling in to it. Because he can express more in to it by making himself in he story

3. Is the narrator reliable or unreliable? Does he/she have a limited knowledge or understanding of character and event in the story> does the narrator know almost everything about one character or every character, including inner thought?

Yes because he experienced it and he explained it by himself. He is reliable to everyone in the story because he is great person

4. Does the author use point of view primarily to reveal or conceal? Does he ever unfairly withhold important information known to the focal character?

He reveal everything. He have no hidden stuff at all. He is man that explain his real life

No, if there was, there might be himself. Because it's story of himself.

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