Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The teachers who change my life


1. Who is/are the main characters in the story? What soes the main character look like?

Main character in this story is Nicholas Gage.

2. Describe the main character's situation. Where does he/she live does he/she live alone or with others? When does the main character do for living, or is he/she dependent on others for support?

Nicholas wants to become writer because his teacher told him he can do it. He live in america.

3. What are some of the chief characteristics of the character? How are these characteristic revealed in the story? How does the main character interact with other character? Note the degree of complexity of his/her behaviour , thought, and feelings, their appearances, their habits, mannerisms, speech, attitude and value. What is the main character attitude towards his/her life? Is he/she happy.

He trust his teacher very much. And he and his mother almost the same. He was happy with his life and love to stay and react with other.

4. What sort of conflict is the character facing? Hoe is this conflict revealed? is it resolved? If so, how?

He have no conflict at all. Because he have teachers who is his model supporting him.

5. Is any character a develipong character? If so, is his change a large or small one? is it a plausible cange of him? Is he sufficiently motivated? Is the change given sufficient time?

He does not change at all. because he still have model as his teacher and write his book.

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