Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Summary 37 - last

Aunt Sally notices the missing shirt, candles, sheets, and other articles Huck and Tom steal for their plan, as she takes out her anger at the disappearance on seemingly everyone except stolen some of the items, so Huck and Tom secretly plug up the rathole in the house. By removing and then replacing beefs and spoons, the boys confuse Sally

Making pens from the spoon and candlestick is a great deal of trouble, they said. Tons want to crate, but Tom replies that his ideas present opportunities for it. Jim protest against the unnecessary amount of trouble Tom wants to crate, but Tom replies that his idea present opportunities.

Tom does not return, and Silas's efforts to find him end in vain. In the meantime, a letter arrives from aunt Polly, Sally's sifter. Sally casts the letter aside when she sees Tom, who she think is Sid. the boy is brought in semi conscious thinks a mattress, accompanied by a crowd including Jim
They treat him roughly and chain him up, telling crowd how Jim has sacrificed his freedom to help nurse town.

Tim makes a full recovery and wears the bullet from his leg on a watch guard around his neck. He and Huck would like go go in another adventure to Indian territory. Huck think it quite possible to go... And he's thinking Pap will take his money by now, they said the body floating that is dead was pap... And everyone felt rotten flashes does not plan to head out west immediately because aunt Sally is already trying to sivilize him. Huck has had quite enough if that

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Adventure of Huckkleberry Fin summary

First the narrator said that, we can find more clue with old books "Tom Sawyer" he found $6000 that the
robber drop in the cave that made them rich. Tom got adopt but he ran away... Tom said that Huck can join his new band of robber if he would return to the widdow. The widdow let Huck snuffs but don't allow him to smoke... The widdow is really badass is she... Huck said that Tom will not end up in heaven, she said that's good.One night, after Miss Watson leads a prayer session with Huck and the household slaves, Huck goes to bed feeling “so lonesome I most wished I was dead.” He gets shivers hearing the sounds of nature through his window. Huck accidentally flicks a spider into a candle, and the bad omen frightens him. Just after midnight, Huck hears movement below the window and hears a “me-yow” sound, to which he responds with another “me-yow.” Climbing out the window onto the shed, Huck finds Tom Sawyer waiting for him in the yard.

garden. Huck trips on a root as he passes by the kitchen, and Jim, one of Miss Watson’s slave, hears him from inside. Tom and Huck crouch down and try to stay still, but Huck is struck by a series of itches, as often happens when he is in a situation “where it won’t do for you to scratch. They say that if they don't find the source, they'll not stopping this.

After punishing Huck for dirtying his new clothes during his night out with Tom, Miss Watson tries to explain prayer to him. Huck gives up on it after some of his prayers are not answered. She called him fool, good only give good things not bad one.

There was a rumor that the father is dead, but Huck saw that, that was the girl dress in man's cloth, he know that his father will reappear. After a month, they quit the robber gang.

Over the next few months, Huck begins to adjust to his new life and even makes some progress in school.
Pap is a frightening sight. The nearly fifty-year-old man’s skin is a ghastly, disgusting white. Noticing Huck’s “starchy” clothes, Pap wonders out loud if Huck thinks himself better than his father and promises to take Huck “down a peg.” Pap promises to teach Widow Douglas not to “meddle” and is outraged that Huck has become the first person in his family to learn to read. He took dollars from Huck and go to buy alcohols. Come back in morning with drunk. He's bad...

Pap sues Judge Thatcher for Huck’s fortune and continues to threaten Huck about attending school. Huck continues to attend, partly to spite his father, but Pap keep on drunk and drunk everyday. One day Pap kidnapped Huck and lock him in cabin in the wood for a day good that he can escape. But Pap return before Huck can escape.

Huck trying to escape with canoe. He left when Pap went for a day. He pack everything in canoe and drift away and he cut pigs throat to make situation that he got killed. Huck spend peacefully life on an island.