Monday, March 4, 2013


1. what is the author's attitude towards actions or event? best! because the author was the one narrating this story. 2. Is the story humorous or tragic or frightening? Does the author want you to laugh or cry, to feel happy or sad, to experience anger or fear? humorous, the story is great in term of making me feel happy. Because gage always met great things 3. What is the author's attitude toward characters or the narrator? Does the author like or dislike, trust or mistrust the character or the narrator He like the character a lot and also narrator. he trust them a lot because they're loyal.

the teacher who change my life - symbolism

1. What are some of the symbol in the story Teachers. Because he love his teacher and there're ways that you can say that he's trying to persuade you to love your teachers 2. Are there any objects which seem to have a symbolic meaning? What are their meanings? What are their meanings? essay - his success teacher - his hero 3. do any people act as symbol in the story? What do they represent? essay is what he write and become successful and thanks to his teacher's encouragement he could be success all the symbol in the story all leads him to bright side. 4. Do aspects of the story's setting seems symbolic? in what way? yes, he always hanging those symbols around him. and he always got help by them or successful by them. 5. is one symbol used throughout the story or do the symbol change? the symbol stayed the same throughout the story.