Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ONe Word that Described Me

 There's a lot of words that can really fit on me because I'm a normal guy. Someone do call me Random. because of my randomness, i always face palm and feel sorry for my self sometimes. I always randomly did things, sometimes success and sometime fail to have done it. But i always did it in funny way so that my friend cannot really see that I'm trying my best...

     Sometime when I get angry, i can become sadism too. Because sometime i love the feeling of pain. Some of my friend love to call me sadism because I talked scary. like bursting the head, brain, intestines, etc. even though some find my sadism side, i also have funny side too, and that's one more words that can describe me. As i mention it earlier in the first paragraph, i do make funny things and I loved to.

     many words really can describe me because I am random guy. Sometimes they said I'm racist, audiophile, pedophile, or whatever, I still be myself(never ever considered pedophile). I only considered one words to describe me, the most suitable words is randomness. I love to do things that is pranking, and funny.