Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Summary 37 - last

Aunt Sally notices the missing shirt, candles, sheets, and other articles Huck and Tom steal for their plan, as she takes out her anger at the disappearance on seemingly everyone except stolen some of the items, so Huck and Tom secretly plug up the rathole in the house. By removing and then replacing beefs and spoons, the boys confuse Sally

Making pens from the spoon and candlestick is a great deal of trouble, they said. Tons want to crate, but Tom replies that his ideas present opportunities for it. Jim protest against the unnecessary amount of trouble Tom wants to crate, but Tom replies that his idea present opportunities.

Tom does not return, and Silas's efforts to find him end in vain. In the meantime, a letter arrives from aunt Polly, Sally's sifter. Sally casts the letter aside when she sees Tom, who she think is Sid. the boy is brought in semi conscious thinks a mattress, accompanied by a crowd including Jim
They treat him roughly and chain him up, telling crowd how Jim has sacrificed his freedom to help nurse town.

Tim makes a full recovery and wears the bullet from his leg on a watch guard around his neck. He and Huck would like go go in another adventure to Indian territory. Huck think it quite possible to go... And he's thinking Pap will take his money by now, they said the body floating that is dead was pap... And everyone felt rotten flashes does not plan to head out west immediately because aunt Sally is already trying to sivilize him. Huck has had quite enough if that

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